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Thinking about bridges.

10 Jan


Learning to be a free agent.

14 Jun

We must find the chord to strike, something that will shake the world and wake us up we’ve slept too long and now its time to rise once again and take back the day, for we only dwell in the night alone and depressed truly awake when all that matters is gone. momentum is key, find it and keep it. Dont let yourself coast, we must accelerate; they told us the stars were the limit, lets reach that limit, it is time. Don’t back down, stand your ground until there is nothing left life is too short to just go with the flow resist a little find what you want and take it seize the day, grab it by the neck and hold on tight. Learn to be a free agent.”   -G.LowdenIII  June, 2008

Ever truer.
Words of a seventeen year old kid:

Birch Bark

12 Apr

A gift from a friend, more meaningful in a region with few birch trees:





Creative Process:

5 Apr